Chemical Peels

What It Is

A chemical peel is a medically aesthetic treatment to remove the top layer of skin cells, revealing new, youthful and refreshed skin. A chemical solution is applied to the skin. The solution triggers and speeds up the skin’s exfoliation process, causing the skin to eventually sluff or peel off. The exfoliation and peeling process can be visible in the days to follow; but if peeling is not visible following the treatment, it does not mean the chemical peel isn’t effective or not doing its job.

What It Treats

There are many strengths of chemical peels to target and address different skin issues. Chemical peels help treat fine lines, overall skin texture, skin discoloration, acne, dull or dehydrated skin, age spots, or overall signs of aging. Our cosmetic dermatologist will determine the correct strength of chemical solution used during your peel to address your skin’s needs.

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